Corporate Initiatives

Drive for 7

Our Customers are our Number One Priority! The “Drive for Seven” Program began in 2007 to advance continuous improvement in our organization. Every week, we pulse our customers on five key metrics: On Time Delivery, Quality, Technology, Responsiveness and Value.  This frequent open communication feedback loop leads to the annual independent Circuits Assembly survey of our customers. The results of which are published and used to drive continuous improvement programs across all aspects of our business.

Since our inception into this program, ATS has achieved best in class in several of the key metrics. In 2015, ATS achieved our company goal to receive all “7s” from all our customers surveyed as reported by Circuits Assembly Magazine.

Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma

ATS has a passion for continuous improvement deeply embedded in its culture. Since 1984 when George Hamilton founded the company, his drive to continuously improve has shaped the company’s operating system. Today, ATS has a vibrant, mature lean culture and uses Six Sigma principles such as DMAIC and statistical significance to accelerate improvement and ensure complete problem solving for our customers.

Customer Focus Teams

In order to meet the unique demands of every customer, ATS establishes customer focus teams that develop and sustain functional integration with each customer’s organization. The teams include:

  • Program Manager
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Planning Specialist
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Document Control Specialist
  • Executive Advocate

They are formed giving the customer a single point of contact for everything they need, providing real-time responsiveness. The teams are driven by Quality, Delivery, Responsiveness, Technology and Value.