Customer Focused

The customer is at the center of everything we do. Relentless customer focus is deeply in-grained in the entire workforce and externally validated by the plethora of awards and accolades derived from our customer feedback.

Continuous Improvement

Simple, extremely effective continuous improvement methodology is forefront in the minds of every employee. Formal and informal continuous improvement programs are executed on a daily basis throughout our operations.

Metrics Driven-Results Oriented

We use enterprise IT and application generated data and metrics to drive decision making and efficiency with our Tier 1 ERP, MES and PLM systems. Weekly Business Process Review meetings are held to review all key metrics with a forward looking approach to achieving documented plans and goals.


On-Time Delivery, Quality and Efficiency are all linked into the compensation of each employee. Teamwork, respect and leadership by example are core principles discussed and stressed in performance evaluations and the monthly “all employee” team meetings held to review the previous months achievements, initiatives and key metrics.