Many OEMs save time and cost using ATS’ fulfillment services for Engineer, Build, and Assemble to Order and Make to Stock orders with competitive lead times. We can take your BOM, instructions and packaging materials and offer you a complete “box build” solution with test development folded into the mix.

Our production lines integrate receiving, tracking, testing, product assembly, software installation and configuration, packaging, labeling and shipping. Our manufacturing and quality systems and rapid fulfillment processes can relieve you from these logistical issues, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: innovate, design and market your products and services.

We are focused on accuracy with proven metrics, and offer the ability for completely secure and confidential product solutions and animinity (if desired) for any company or organization. Your product will be tested, packaged and delivered correctly at the time you specify.

BTO / CTO & Fulfillment:

  • Sub Assembly
  • BTO / CTO – Hardware, Software, Firmware
  • FT, ESS, Hi-Pot, Burn-In
  • Fulfillment & Kan Ban
  • Service Support