Supply Chain Management

We take 100% ownership for the quality of our supply chain resulting in a consistent level of performance and supply, even during challenging economic climates. From device selection to product allocation, choosing the right EMS partner is key.

We achieve great supplier relationships by applying 3 critical disciplines:

Strategic Alignment

  • Close communication through dedicated customer focus teams
  • Strong supplier relationships at all levels of the organization
  • Early involvement in customer design

Proactive Communication

  • Translating customer requirements into supplier commitments
  • Weekly MRP share
  • Protected inventory bonds
  • Weekly supplier reviews to anticipate issues and implement solutions
  • Quarterly business reviews to create ownership and accountability
  • Risk mitigation through component obsolescence management
  • Engineering component recommendations

Customized Supplier Management

  • Asian and North American sourcing
  • Specialized team for MPI support
  • On-site supplier-owned inventory

We are committed to a “no surprises” policy and that drives our entire management strategy. Keeping your supply chain healthy is a top priority at ATS which results in improved efficiency, lower costs, material support, and ultimately in your product’s success.